Star Gazing

Come enjoy the night sky from right here in Edwardsville! The SIUE Astronomy Viewing Sessions are open to the public on even-dated Tuesdays after sunset at the William C. Shaw Skylab on the north edge of campus.

Photo by Dan Brandon. Click to embiggen!

Summer 2014

UPDATE 8:30pm: Nearby thunderstorms and a sudden overhead cloud cover have forced a Skylab closure for tonight! Note that after this week, we will be switching to THURSDAY NIGHTS. Stay tuned for the fall schedule… The summer sessions are being hosted by Dr. Nicole Gugliucci, postdoctoral fellow with the SIUE STEM Center. Please call 618-650-1013 after 6pm on the day of the session to see if we are open, as bad weather and other schedule conflicts may occur. Our start time will be changing with the season, so see calendar below for times we are open. Click for Edwardsville, Illinois ForecastSummer 2014 Dates and Times! 

  • May 9th, 8:30pm – Special #OneSky Event at Annie’s Frozen Custard, Edwardsville
  • May 20th, 9pm – OPEN
  • June 10th, 9:30pm – CANCELLED
  • June 22nd, 11:30am - Special International SUN Day Event, Annie’s Custard in Edwardsville
  • June 24th, 9:30pm – OPEN
  • July 8th, 9:30pm – CLOSED due to road maintenance
  • July 22nd, 9:30pm - CLOSED due to road maintenance
  • August 12th, 9pm – OPEN
  • August 26th, 9pm – CLOSED

Directions to the Shaw Skylab

Get written and photo directions to the William C. Shaw Sky Lab. You can also use Google Maps, but please note that the mobile version of Google Maps may give the wrong location. Visitors are encouraged to download and print/write down directions before leaving!

More Information

At our sessions, you can:

  • Take a constellation tour.
  • Get a close-up view of the Moon and planets.
  • See deep sky objects through one of our telescopes.
  • Have your burning astronomy questions answered!

Current astronomical equipment in use features an 8-inch Celestar from the STEM Resource Center. Bring binoculars or a telescope if you have them, but it’s not required. We do, however, encourage that you to bring:

  • warm clothing, as nights can be unexpectedly chilly.
  • tennis shoes.
  • a flashlight, preferable with a red filter or red cellophane.
  • bug spray.
  • friends and family.
  • star charts or maps.
  • snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • a lawn chair or blanket.

Smoking and alcohol are prohibited at the observatory.

For other information on viewing sessions, including to pre-schedule group sessions, please contact Dr. Tom Foster at or 618-650-3049, or Dr. Nicole Gugliucci at or 618-650-1013.

Current observing conditions. Click image for explanation!

See Observing Dates on the STEM Center calendar: