Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad is a team based competition for junior and senior high school students which encompass all areas of science. Biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics are emphasized with engineering and technology applications through a range of testing modes which includes everything from paper/pencil tests, lab practical-type events, and design and building devices that require the students to calibrate devices to accomplish a goal. Medals are awarded to student competitors for each event and championship trophies go to the school whose team earns the highest overall point total in each division. The Olympiad at SIUE is one of eight regional competitions and five teams are selected to advance to the State Olympiad to compete for the opportunity to participate at the Nationals.


Results of the 2014 Competition
Congratulations to our 2014 Olympiad teams on a fantastic competition! Placement of winning teams can be found below.

Full List of Division B Medals                           Full List of Division C Medals

Division B Placement Division C Placement
1. Pontiac Junior High
2. Millstadt Consolidated School
1. Sacred Heart-Griffin High School
2. Belleville East High School
3. Collinsville High School
4. Mascoutah High School
5. Belleville West High School


The 2015 competition will be held on Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 8:30AM-4:30PM. 

Develop and Proctor:

We are currently seeking non-student volunteers to develop and proctor events for both competitions (invitational and regional tournament). Developers will create materials to test the participants’ content knowledge given the event parameters for one or more individual events.

Although it is not required, we ask developers to administer their event at both regional and invitational tournaments (thereby helping to ensure that the events run smoothly).  A short workshop will also be provided to help developers prepare for the tournaments.

If you don’t have time to develop an event please consider joining us on the day of the competition as a proctor.  Many events are based around performance testing a device that students bring with them. More information on specific events can be found in the attached event description document.

2014 Team Information

Division B- Middle School Division C- Varsity Division C- Junior Varsity
1B. St. Mary’s School
2B. Pontiac
3B. Millstadt
4B. Roxana
5B. Mascoutah
6B. Immaculate Conception
1C. Belleville East
2C. Sacred Heart Griffin
3C.  Lebanon
4C. Belleville West
5C. Rochester
6C. Edwardsville
7C. Collinsville
8C. Mascoutah
9C. Mt. Pulaski
10C. Roxana 
21C. JV Belleville East
22C. JV Sacred Heart       Griffin
23C. JV Lebanon
24C. JV Belleville West

For more information about the Edwardsville Regional Olympiad, contact the STEM Resource Center at (618) 650-3065, or by e-mail at


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