Research Challenge

The SIUE regional Science and Engineering Research Challenge hosts the finest 5th through 12th grade student projects from the region. Projects take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity, stimulate the imagination and encourage independent critical thinking. While working on projects, students learn to apply the scientific method which includes observing, inferring, measuring, collecting data, and forming conclusions to interpret interactions between experimental variables. Students become aware of the interdisciplinary nature of science as they apply not only reading and writing skills but also mathematics and art to communicate their research findings. This unique educational opportunity enables students to understand that science is an integral part of life and participation fulfills many of the Illinois State Goals and Learning Standards.

2016 Results

The winners of this year’s awards can be found here! Congratulations to all of our award winners, and especially to our top-placing students:

  • Matthew Morse, Edwardsville High School, Best in Challenge.
  • Rebecca Thomas, Albert Cassens Elementary, 1st Place Junior Division
  • Abril Hunter, Governor French Academy, 1st Place Senior Division
  • Braden Starck, Lincoln Middle School, 2nd Place Junior Division
  • Sydney Stauffer, Governor French Academy, 2nd Place Senior Division
  • Clara Jordan, Shiloh Middle School, 3rd Place Junior Division
  • Sarojzani Hunter, Governor French Academy, 3rd Place Senior Division

Preparing for Next Year?

Next year we will have a new handbook, but looking throug the 2014-2016 handbook is a good start. It is recommended that all students and teachers/mentors review these rules before beginning their projects, and follow them throughout the course of their investigations. The judging rubrics below can help with project planning also.

Engineering Design Rubric                            Experimental Process Rubric

In order to participate schools with students in grade 7 through 12 will need to join the Illinois Junior Academy of Science. If your students are younger than 7th grade (grades 5 or 6), you need to contact the STEM office to notify organizers that your students intend to compete.

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