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28 April 2016

Summer Camp Time!

The STEM Odyssey Summer Camp is open and accepting registration forms. This camp experience has been providing science-based summer opportunities for students for years and this summer we’re continuing a second year of our collaboration with the art department. If you’re child is interested in STEM topics, check out the Odyssey Summer Camp page and fill out a registration form today!

Science camp

23 March 2016

Judges Still Needed!

We still have need of some judges at the Science & Engineering Research Challenge this Saturday. If you’re able to help out, please head over to the event page and sign up. It’s a lot of fun with great projects, talented students, and free food!

18 March 2016

Odyssey Camp!

The registration form for this year’s Odyssey Camp is up! You can check out the camp page for more information about what the camp topics are and information.

Odyssey Camp Will Be Held from
July 18-29

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us here at the STEM Center ( or 650-3065) and we’ll be happy to help!


11 March 2016

SERC Judges Needed!

We’re just writing to remind you that volunteers are needed for the Regional Science and Engineering Research Challenge (SERC) or previously known as “Science Fair” at SIUE. The Research Challenge will take place on Saturday, April 2, and will host more than 250 regional students from grades 5-12.


09 March 2016

The STEM Center Is Expanding Its Space Education

You might have seen on the SIUE News Page that the STEM Center is getting a huge grant from NASA to expand our education efforts on astronomy topics.

Heading up this program is the STEM Center’s Dr. Pamela Gay, the lead scientist of the CosmoQuest citizen science project. “With this funding, CosmoQuest will be able to grow from a seedling full of potential, into a mighty tree that supports science and learning opportunities,” says Gay “We are bringing new partners with added expertise, and we couldn’t be prouder of this team.”

Check out the link above for the full story but we’re all very excited.

24 February 2016

Snow Day!

The STEM Center, like the rest of SIUe campus, will be closed today because of weather. Instead of heading out in the slush, we recommend you watch some fun STEM videos, try some at-home activities, or solve some brainteasers. Examples of all of those can be found on our website so scroll back through the archives and see. Stay safe and we’ll see you later in the week!

29 January 2016

What Color is a Mirror?

Colors are all around us, so much so that we may forget to wonder how they work. This video discusses some physics of colors and light, as well as other related questions- Why is the sky blue? Share some cool physics phenomenon with your students, including how mirrors work, and introduce them to optics.

22 January 2016

Can You Solve This Puzzle?

How do we test our ideas? When students are learning the Scientific Method and performing experiments, do they try to find out what they know will happen or what they don’t know? Here is a video that gets people to use their scientific reasoning to test ideas about an observation- a conversational experiment. See if the people around you can guess the “rule” and ask your students what they think the rule is to see how they are testing their predictions.

17 January 2016


The STEM Center will be closed along with the rest of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for the federal holiday tomorrow. We hope you have a nice break if you too are at home and we hope you get a chance to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. even if you are working.

Thanks and we’ll see you later in the week!

15 January 2016

10 Amazing Paper Tricks!

Looking for a way to get students more interested in Mathematics? Here is a fun video of simple paper “projects” that demonstrate different scientific and mathematical ideas! Some of these tricks you can show to your students to help get them thinking, and warm up their investigative minds. Using mainly paper, scissors, and tape, this video showcases interesting ways to interact with mathematics and develop a hands on understanding of geometry.