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22 April 2014


Join us every Wednesday on CosmoQuest to talk about new topics in astronomy, space education, and outreach.

21 April 2014


36 Hours of Astronomy: The Hangout will take place April 26-27. Join us in raising money to build a more scientific future. Click here for the hangoutathon!

17 April 2014

The STEM Center wins Best Paper Award!

STEM Center researchers received the Best Paper Award of the 6th International Conference on Computer-Supported Education, held April 1-3 in Barcelona, Spain. The SIUE paper, entitled “Using a Participatory Design Approach to Create and Sustain an Innovative, Technology-Rich STEM Classroom” examined the design and implementation of a high-technology high-school classroom for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The project emphasized the value of including all stakeholders in the design and ongoing assessment of a flexible, student-centered learning space. The paper’s authors were Mary Stephen, research professor, Sharon Locke, director and associate professor, and Georgia Bracey, research associate. Congratulations!

15 April 2014

Euler’s Disk


Euler’s Disk is a fun, educational toy that shows the dynamic system of a disk spinning on a flat surface.  With the included holographic magnetic stickers, you’re in for a show when the disk starts to spin!  As the disk begins to end its spinning, a rapidly increasing whirring sound is heard.  Where is the science, you ask?  In the thermodynamics!  Euler’s Disk exhibits two effects — rolling friction and air drag.  Your students will have a fun “playing” with this experiment, all the while learning about thermodynamics!

15 April 2014

Odyssey Science Camp

Science camp

Odyssey Science Camp registration is now open! Camp sessions will take place between July 21 and August 1, 2014. Odyssey Science Camps are designed to provide children with an opportunity to experience science firsthand.

Camps are offered for students entering 2nd grade (currently in 1st grade) through 9th grade. All grade levels indicated in the registration packets are entering grade levels.

Find specific information about camp offerings by downloading the registration packet here.

05 April 2014

Yuri’s Night: A Celebration

Yuris_Night_Logo_2000px_colorHosted by Annie’s Frozen Custard in Downtown Edwardsville, April 12th, 7-10pm

Yuri’s Night will be co-hosted by CosmoQuest, the SIUe STEM Center, and Riverbend Astronomy Club, we’ll be celebrating humanity’s first steps into space! There will be astronomy activities and telescopes (weather permitting), and of course, Annie’s Famous Frozen Custard!

03 April 2014

Family Science Expo

02-14 at 1.20 PMThere will be a Family Science Expo at the Edwardsville Library on Saturday, April 12, 1-3pm. Registration is Required! The STEM Center and CosmoQuest will be represented by Dr. Nicole Gugliucci bringing samples of real meteorites.

Science is fun for all ages. Come and enjoy a free afternoon full of science fun with real scientists. There will be hands-on experiments and demonstrations. The event is geared towards kids in grades 3-8 and their parents, but all ages will have a great time.

For more information and to register, visit: The Edwardsville  Public Library 

02 April 2014

Low Cost Water Monitoring Kit


What kind of water have you been drinking?  PH testing your drinking water will let you know!  If your water has a low PH, the water is considered soft.  Soft water is harmful can cause metal to corrode… you don’t want to drink this water!  If your water has a high PH, it is considered hard.  Hard water is safe to drink, but it might taste bad!  Is your water full of harmful bacteria?  Have you heard of E. coli?  Water pollution caused by fecal contamination is a serious problem!  By performing a coliform bacteria test, you can find the sanitary condition of the water you have been drinking.  As you can see, there are many things in water that we cannot see!  Another thing found in water are nitrates.  These can be deadly to babies, but cause little to no harm to adults.  These are just a few examples of tests that can be performed with the Low Cost Water Monitoring Kit.

01 April 2014

Global Star Party

There will be a special event on Saturday, April 5th at 8:30 pm (weather dependent) to coincide with the Global Star Party.

The Global Star Party will take place right here in Edwardsville! The SIUE Astronomy Viewing Sessions are open to the public, located at the William C. Shaw Skylab on the north edge of campus. For more information, see the Public Star Gazing page.


27 March 2014

Save the Date: Teacher Professional Development from CosmoQuest

vesta-7-18-11Save the date! The CosmoQuest team at the SIUE STEM Center is hosting a  week-long fun-filled “InVESTAgation” with our education team Kathy Costello, Ellen Reilly, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci, and Georgia Bracey. In-Vesta-Gate is a unit for middle school teachers on asteroids, meteors, and all the other “small” things in the Solar System. You can preview the unit here and check out the citizen science project Asteroid Mappers: Vesta Edition, which is included in the unit. Bring real science data to the classroom from NASA to your students. This unit is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and uses the 5E model of instruction.

Watch for more details in the near future, but mark your calendar now: June 16-20. You can also email the team at for more information or receive our monthly newsletter by using the form at the bottom right side of the Educators’ Zone page. Think summer! :-)