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20 November 2015

Engineering Workshop on Dec 12

We’ve still some room left in our Engineering workshop on December 12. This workshop will be going over engineering design and highlighting the creativity inherent in engineering projects.

At all of our programs there is lots of information including plenty of hands-on opportunities. Workshops tend to run for 4-6 hours including a lunch hour and educators can fill out forms to receive continuing professional development units (CPDUs) as part of the experience.

You can sign up for our currently-scheduled workshops on our Teacher Academy page. Payment can be made the day of and all checks should be made out to SIUE.


Hope to see you there!

11 November 2015

Thanksgiving Hours

STEM-Logo-smThe STEM Center will be unavailable except by appointment the week of Thanksgiving. From Monday 11/23 to Friday 11/27 we will be organizing our resources and celebrating the holiday. If you need to reach us then, please get in touch soon at (618) 650-3065 or to make arrangements. Thank you!

09 November 2015

The Next Star Party is Coming Up!

Photo by Dan Brandon

Photo by Dan Brandon

The next Star Party is coming up tomorrow night!

Join Dr. Tom Foster and the River Bend Astronomy Club for an evening of stargazing on SIUE campus. No telescopes required, you can use ours! The colder months are a great time for looking at stars since the nights are longer and the chilly air makes it easier to see objects clearly. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and join us!

The Star Party will begin at 7:30pm at the Shaw Skylab. Follow the link above for directions.

04 November 2015

Sign Up for Professional Development!

IMG_0381The STEM Center offers regular professional development workshops for local educators of all sorts. We strive to create fun and open atmospheres at our workshops and to provide programs that meet the needs of a variety of participants from classroom teachers to home school parents to youth group leaders. At all of our programs there is lots of information including plenty of hands-on opportunities. Workshops tend to run for 4-6 hours including a lunch hour and educators can fill out forms to receive continuing professional development units (CPDUs) as part of the experience.

You can sign up for our currently-scheduled workshops on our Teacher Academy page. Payment can be made the day of and all checks should be made out to SIUE.

If you aren’t able to make a workshop but you have a group that’s interested in one of our programs, you can always schedule a PD engagement specifically for your organization.

Contact us using the information to the right with any questions or clarifications.

30 October 2015

Robotics Program November 7th!




Join us for a workshop introducing the modular NXT robotics kits from Lego.

A great way to introduce robotics!

Robotics programs are exciting and engaging for students, but they can be expensive and complicated for teachers. The Mindstorms line of products from Lego address that by making the materials modular and the interface simple. With just a little training, teachers can become versed in building and programming robots that can perform a wide variety of tasks.

When: November 7th, 2015 from 9 am to 3 pm

Where: SIUE Campus Morris University Center

Cost:$20 per participant

Sign up here:

We hope to see you there!



20 October 2015

Update – No Stargazing Tonight

We have an announcement from the Physics Department to all the hopeful astronomers tonight:

The Star Party is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.The next scheduled Star Party will be Tuesday, November 10th. Please contact Professor Tom Foster (618-650-3049) for more information and, on the evenings of scheduled Star Parties, to check on weather cancellations.

19 October 2015

A Big Week in STEM!

Photo by Dan Brandon

Photo by Dan Brandon

There is an awful lot going on in the near future here at the STEM Center and we hope you’ll join us! Hopefully these events are already on your calendars but if not then you should certainly add them.

  • Star Party (Oct 20). Tomorrow evening from 7:30 to 11:30 we’re having the first of our Stargazing Events at the observatory. Come join us for a night of stargazing and fun, hot on the heels of the White House Astronomy Night, under the expert direction of Dr. Tom Foster and the River Bend Astronomy Club.
  • STEM Open House (Oct 22). Just two days later we’re having everyone over to our place for a fantastic open house. We’ll have demonstrations, tours of the resource center, some of our newer materials, and three different raffle drawings on the hour. Come by Thursday, from 3pm-6pm, and have some fun!
  • Teacher Workshop (Nov 7). This one is a little farther out, but if you ever wanted a thorough introduction to our NXT Lego Robotics kits then you should definitely join us for our workshop in a few weeks. You can sign up on our Teacher’s Academy page.

17 October 2015

Be Inspired–Celebrate White House Astronomy Night October 19


Fall… season of blazing leaves, grinning jack-o-lanterns, frosty mornings, and star parties! As the temperature drops (no mosquitoes!) and the sun sets earlier, it’s the perfect time to get a few of your friends and their telescopes together and gaze upward at the beautiful fall night sky.

A few friends in Edwardsville—the River Bend Astronomy Club,, the SIUE STEM Center, and Edwardsville School District 7—will be gathering at Liberty Middle School on the night of October 19 from 7-9 pm to celebrate astronomy and all varieties of STEM. Come join in the fun! View star clusters, nebulae, the Moon, and even another galaxy through amazing telescopes, get to know some of the fall constellations, and try your hand at some astro-activities including citizen science with Cosmoquest! The event is free and open to the public.

And it won’t be just the Edwardsville folks having a great time under the starry sky. Groups across the United States will be hosting their own events as part of the 2nd White House Astronomy Night. The 1st White House Astronomy Night took place back in 2009. On that night, President Obama welcomed students, teachers, and amateur astronomers to the South Lawn to look through telescopes, view exhibits, and generally celebrate science, inspiration, and discovery. He kicked off the event by looking through a telescope at a double-double star in the constellation Lyra. This Monday, you can do that, too!

The beauty and vastness of the night sky have inspired so many. Countless scientists, teachers, engineers, artists, and more have looked up into space at some point in their lives and have seen something out there that set them on a path to discovery and wonder. Stop by Liberty Middle School on October 19 and share in the wonder. Stop by and be inspired.

P.S. All over the Internet you can download sky charts. Here’s just one Print one out and bring it with you on the 19th. :-)

13 October 2015

Open House Oct. 22

STEM-Logo-smThe STEM Research Center would like to invite you to our open house.  The open house will take place on Oct. 22 from 3-6.  There will be cool stuff to do like winning prizes in a raffle contest. So in the meantime mark your calendar!

Click Here for More Information

18 September 2015

Noyce STEM Internship Showcase Next Week!

Noyce Logo

We have an upcoming event–the second annual Noyce STEM Summer Internship Showcase on Friday, September 25th from 11 am to 1 pm in the Morris University Center (former Art Gallery, Second Floor). The showcase is a great opportunity for current freshmen to speak with last year’s interns and learn more about  the program.

In spring 2016 we will be selecting another fourteen undergraduate interns for 200-hour summer internships and $2,500 stipend through the SIUE Noyce Science and Math Programs, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Noyce Interns are SIUE freshmen and sophomores and local community college students who have an interest in teaching and communicating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to general audiences. The program offers training and placement with a host organization.

If you’re interested in the Noyce program and what our interns accomplished this past summer, this is a great opportunity to hear from the young people who have been through the program.

More details about the showcase are available on the attached flyer, and applications will open in spring on the website See you at the showcase!