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29 July 2016

A World Without Polymers

Sometimes you’re going over things with students, sometimes they ask a devastating question: why does this matter? It can be disheartening to a teacher who might (correctly) gather that the students really aren’t invested in the subject matter. On the other hand, you can also say that they aren’t invested yet. When your students ask this, take it as a cue that they are primed for hearing the answer to this question. If you are approaching a subject that might be obscure, take a look at some descriptions and/or videos that go through the importance of the subject and bonus points if it’s from someone that they can see as a peer! For instance, here’s a video below for any educators about to teach polymers.

22 July 2016

Cryptography: The Science of Making and Breaking Codes

Want to learn more about encryption, or introduce real-world uses of math and computer science to your students?
Show them this video explaining the different ways messages can be coded and decoded! This video also describes history of cryptography, including developments and every day uses. Showing this video could be a fun way to introduce computer science to students, and you could even have a creative code making project based on it!

15 July 2016

Vernier LabQuest 2 Training Videos

LabQuest 2

If you want to learn how to use our Vernier LabQuests, check out the links below. The online training videos will help you get started or help expand your knowledge on the LabQuest 2 interface!

The Vernier LabQuest 2 is a standalone interface used to collect sensor data with its built-in graphing and analysis application. The large, high-resolution touch screen makes it easy and intuitive to collect, analyze, and share data from experiments. Its wireless connectivity encourages collaboration and personalized learning. You can also use LabQuest 2 as a computer interface for advanced analysis and video features. […]

08 July 2016

Crash Course!

Looking for new educational resources? Try YouTube! This video introduces one of the many resources on YouTube for teachers, students, or any learners. Crash Course has a wide range of topics to learn about, including Astronomy, Anatomy, Ecology, and History. Explore the YouTube page to find more playlists of each subject, or search the uploads to find a specific idea to review. These videos are also great for introducing, or previewing, before starting a new section or chapter.

27 June 2016

Summer Hours

The STEM Center has a lot of programming coming up in the next few months so we’ll be observing Summer Hours until August. This means we won’t be open at set times, but only available by appointment. If you need to come by and see us, use one of the methods below to set up a time. Thanks!

Phone: (618) 650 – 3065     |     Email:

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15 June 2016

Telescope Project

Here’s a great video about a program for any kids interested in astronomy. The Glen Carbon Library is using some telescopes provided by Dr. Tom Foster of the Physics Department to do some awesome programming this summer. Check out the video below; all the information for signing up is on there!

13 June 2016

Little Tots Block Party

Another great event happening at the Edwardsville Children’s Museum is their Little Tots Block Party! This is for children ages 18 months to Prek. It will take place on June 17th and July 5th from 10-11 am. It is a chance for your little one to get to build towers with different types of blocks! For more information check out this pdf.

07 June 2016

STEM Center Closed Today

Due to some family illnesses the STEM Center will be closed on Tuesday, June 7. If you need information or to set up an appointment, please call us at (618) 650 – 3065 and leave a message or email us at

Thank you and hopefully everyone’s June is going very well!


06 June 2016

Outdoor Explorers

The Edwardsville Children’s Museum is hosting a camp June 13- June 17 from 10-11:30 am daily! You will learn about the outdoor world and on the last day have a trip to the Watershed! You will need to regitster for this event and here is a link to more information about it:


06 June 2016

Millipedes: The First Land Animals

Many people are disgusted with “buggy” creatures, but maybe that’s because they see them as nuisances or scary. This video introduces millipedes and explains some of their biology. Learn to differentiate between them and centipedes, while also understanding why millipedes are useful and necessary to our environment. These decomposers move in interesting ways, watch as Emily Graslie gets to meet one up close!