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29 January 2016

What Color is a Mirror?

Colors are all around us, so much so that we may forget to wonder how they work. This video discusses some physics of colors and light, as well as other related questions- Why is the sky blue? Share some cool physics phenomenon with your students, including how mirrors work, and introduce them to optics.

22 January 2016

Can You Solve This Puzzle?

How do we test our ideas? When students are learning the Scientific Method and performing experiments, do they try to find out what they know will happen or what they don’t know? Here is a video that gets people to use their scientific reasoning to test ideas about an observation- a conversational experiment. See if the people around you can guess the “rule” and ask your students what they think the rule is to see how they are testing their predictions.

17 January 2016


The STEM Center will be closed along with the rest of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for the federal holiday tomorrow. We hope you have a nice break if you too are at home and we hope you get a chance to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. even if you are working.

Thanks and we’ll see you later in the week!

15 January 2016

10 Amazing Paper Tricks!

Looking for a way to get students more interested in Mathematics? Here is a fun video of simple paper “projects” that demonstrate different scientific and mathematical ideas! Some of these tricks you can show to your students to help get them thinking, and warm up their investigative minds. Using mainly paper, scissors, and tape, this video showcases interesting ways to interact with mathematics and develop a hands on understanding of geometry.

13 January 2016

STEM Center Faculty Research Fellow

SRC - View 3 - small

The SIUE STEM Center announces its FY17 faculty research fellowship program. This is a competitive fellowship, open to tenure-track or tenured faculty members, to engage in undergraduate education research aligned with the mission of the STEM Center to innovate ways to engage students in STEM. […]

28 December 2015

Molecular Model Set

molecular model set


Looking for a better understanding of molecular chemistry? Get hands on and build different molecules like water, sugar, nicotine, and alcohol!  This Molecular Model Set will reinforce concepts such as the ball and stick model, and how different atoms bond with each other.

With this colorful way to learn chemistry, students will be able to visualize and hold scaled versions of molecules they have already learned about. For a challenge, try building the biggest molecule you can!

This tool can be used for learning General and Organic Chemistry.

21 December 2015

Holiday Hours

The STEM Center will be closed starting Thursday, December 24. We’ll be reopening on Monday, January 5. See you all then and have a great holiday break!

07 December 2015

Last Star Party of 2015!

Photo by Dan Brandon

Photo by Dan Brandon

The next Star Party is coming up tomorrow night! This will be the last one before the New Year so don’t miss it!

Join Dr. Tom Foster and the River Bend Astronomy Club for an evening of stargazing on SIUE campus. No telescopes required, you can use ours! The colder months are a great time for looking at stars since the nights are longer and the chilly air makes it easier to see objects clearly. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and join us!

The Star Party will begin at 7:30pm at the Shaw Skylab. Follow the link above for directions.

20 November 2015

Engineering Workshop on Dec 12

We’ve still some room left in our Engineering workshop on December 12. This workshop will be going over engineering design and highlighting the creativity inherent in engineering projects.

At all of our programs there is lots of information including plenty of hands-on opportunities. Workshops tend to run for 4-6 hours including a lunch hour and educators can fill out forms to receive continuing professional development units (CPDUs) as part of the experience.

You can sign up for our currently-scheduled workshops on our Teacher Academy page. Payment can be made the day of and all checks should be made out to SIUE.


Hope to see you there!

11 November 2015

Thanksgiving Hours

STEM-Logo-smThe STEM Center will be unavailable except by appointment the week of Thanksgiving. From Monday 11/23 to Friday 11/27 we will be organizing our resources and celebrating the holiday. If you need to reach us then, please get in touch soon at (618) 650-3065 or to make arrangements. Thank you!